Burt’s Bees®

From the garden of a beekeeper in Maine to the very pinnacle of natural cosmetics: for 30 years the North American natural cosmetics brand Burt’s Bees® has been selling instantly recognisable, environmentally-conscious, natural beauty and health products. Although the brand was the No. 1 natural cosmetics brand in the US, it was practically unknown in Germany when it launched. Our task was to change this.

When the brand launched in Germany in 2010 we were responsible for all corporate and brand communication. We set up and popularised the German Facebook fan page and gave the German sales team essential support. The focus of our communication work was on the brand’s unique history and the long-standing environmental commitment is has been closely associated with since it was founded.

Continual press relations, intense media contact management, editorial desk visits and events have firmly anchored the brand in the minds of German journalists. Beauty and lifestyle bloggers were very closely integrated in all communications. As well as new product launches, a particular focus was on the history of the brand, sustainability and social responsibility.

Over a long period of time journalists’ and bloggers’ awareness the brand, its unique history and social commitment were built and consolidated, coverage was secured for numerous product presentations and a wide range of cooperations with print and online media were set up, all of which served to build an indelible brand awareness.